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Atmasutra is hosting a complimentary healing session to boost energy levels and bring down panic, stress and anxiety restraints. Please enroll to book your slots . Only limited slots available. Slots allottment on first come first serve basis.

About the session :
Session topic : Distant bio energy healing meditation.
Healer profile : Founder of follow your bliss
10 + years of experience in distant bio energy healing.
Session date : 6th April 2020
Session time : 5:30 pm (IST)
Session duration : 30 minutes
How to enroll : Inbox us your interest through our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Atmasutra-107299760934031/ and fill out the google form https://forms.gle/bMtHDGHsmbF7PYQL9 . We will notify you once slots are booked( based on availability )