Our Wings

We guide self-discovery through nine spectrums in wellness - Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, Literary Wellness, Artistic Wellness, Academic Wellness, Communicative Wellness, Corporate Wellness and Community Wellness represented by our 20 unique brands.
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Mental Wellness

Within the domain of mental wellness, our brands, Mindspa Counselling Services and Inspire, take center stage. Mindspa Counselling Services is dedicated to bolstering individuals and communities on their journey to well-being while the International Network of Specialists in Psychological Intervention, Recovery & Education (INSPIRE) actively contributes to the formation of a robust professional network comprising mental health experts, ensuring the provision of top-notch mental health provider support with a commitment to quality.

Physical Wellness

In the realm of physical wellness, Ayurkala stands out as our prominent brand. A harmonious blend of Ayurveda and Kalari, Ayurkala passionately promotes physical well-being for individuals and communities alike. Kalari, with its martial arts training, proactively fosters physical fitness, complemented by Ayurveda's reactive approach to sustaining good health. Together, they form a holistic strategy dedicated to enhancing and maintaining optimal physical well-being, making Ayurkala a visible and impactful presence in the domain of physical wellness.

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness is the harmonious balance of mind, body, and soul. Inner Light facilitates the attainment of this equilibrium through guided sessions on meditation, breathwork, and diverse healing practices. By delving into these transformative experiences, individuals can cultivate a sense of inner peace and spiritual harmony. Inner Light serves as a guiding beacon, offering tools and practices to align the spiritual aspects of life, fostering a journey towards holistic well-being.

Literary Wellness

In the realm of literary wellness, Atmasutra breathes life into poetic and narrative expressions through its publishing houses: Pens & Scrolls Publishing ( For English publications), Mizhi ( For Malayalam publications), and Akhan (For Hindi publications). These platforms enable the articulation and exploration of emotions through literature. As an value adding forum The Innovative Authors International Forum (IAIF) serves as a networking hub, nurturing and motivating writers to expand their creative horizons, fostering an environment where literary thoughts find vibrant expression and connection.

Artistic Wellness

In the arena of artistic wellness, Koothambalam advocates for creative expression through music and dance, offering a platform for exploration. Concurrently, Artstudio places emphasis on the visual arts, particularly painting and related art forms. These entities collaboratively cultivate a comprehensive environment that fosters varied artistic expressions, enriching the well-being of individuals through the transformative influence of both performing and visual arts.

Academic Wellness

Within the sphere of academic wellness, the Atmasutra Institute of Career Development and Training (AICTD) is dedicated to imparting professional knowledge. Through a blend of online and offline workshops, training sessions, courses, and educational publications, AICTD aims to cover all facets of wellness. This commitment ensures a comprehensive educational approach, equipping individuals with the skills and insights necessary for personal and professional well-rounded development.

Communicative Wellness

In the field of communicative wellness, VLOGHD Productions and the VLOG HD online media portal take center stage. VLOG HD, an online media platform, disseminates news and lifestyle updates, promoting communicative wellness. Meanwhile, VLOGHD Productions specializes in ad-making, musical productions, and filmmaking, contributing to a vibrant communicative landscape. Together, these brands play a crucial role in nurturing effective communication and enriching overall well-being through diverse content.

Corporate Wellness

Within our corporate wellness wing, prominent brands include Bzolutions Global Pvt Ltd, The Ramp, Nectavou property manangement and GCL. Bzolutions excels in providing comprehensive business consultancy services with a focus on digital technologies. Global Corporate Leaders serves as a networking group for business entrepreneurs. Nectavou Property Management specializes in real estate, and The Ramp, a fashion-based brand, orchestrates trend-setting fashion shows. Together, these brands contribute to a diverse and holistic corporate wellness approach, covering various aspects of business and lifestyle.

Community Wellness

Our Community Wellness Wing comprises the Svaastika Charitable Trust, SCOD, and Oottupura. Oottupura, our brand providing food without a price tag, plays a significant role in community wellness. Support for Children of Determination (SCOD) is our dedicated wing supporting families and children with special needs, ensuring their well-being and inclusion in the community. Together, these entities contribute to a holistic approach to community wellness, addressing both basic needs and the unique challenges of individuals with special needs.