About the Course

(Children of age 5 – 10)
Course Duration: 1.5Hrs (5 Days)
Course Medium: Zoom
Course Fee: 5000 INR
Medium of Communication: English

It is an important factor to train children with the public speaking skills. It adds on to their confidence and boosts their personality. I would be offering a five days workshop for children of age 5-10 years, which I believe is the best age to seed the skill in the growing children. It helps them grow in various aspects of life. The course would be purely online and lively trained via Zoom Cloud Meeting.

Our Instructor


Personality Trainer

A CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 9 scorer in IELTS (International English Learning Test System) and a personality trainer with a vast 10 year experience in public speaking and foreign languages. She supports children to mold themselves into a better speaker for a better future. Vast 10 years of training experience of public speaking and foreign language skills like Arabic and Hindi . Shahina has boosted herself as a prominent and well established trainer and mentor. Beside being a trainer, she has worked in the UAE in the oil and gas industry, bank and insurance companies. Her training sessions brings in drastic changes in the confidence level of her students.


I’m glad and happy to find Mrs Shahina Yosuff to train my 5-year-old child in public speaking. As a beginner to such activities, my child delivered her best attempt with a high level of confidence in the very first chance and grabbed the first position. She is a very professional trainer and knows how to handle with great care. I would recommend all parents to enrol and get trained for a better prospectus future of their child.

Fathima Shahnab

I highly recommend workshops conducted by Mrs Shahina. I have personally attended her language workshops too. My 8-year-old son had a drastic change in his skills after attending the public speaking workshop. Those parents looking to shape the future of their children should make sure they get this training.